Marvel Moon Knight Episode 5 Release Date Confirmed – Latest Updates on Cast, Plot, and More in 2022

What happened between Marc Spector and Steven Grant at the end of Moon Knight episode 5? Is there a second ego or personality at work? We’ll go over everything step-by-step.

Moon Knight’s penultimate episode features a lot of references to WandaVision, another Disney+ Marvel cartoon. Through mystical ways, our protagonist is pushed to confront their past and the secrets of their mental state. Moon Knight delves into both his mercenary past and the genesis of his dissociative personality condition, while WandaVision detailed the metamorphosis of Westview, the revival of Vision, and even Wanda’s interest in sitcom clichés.

Or, to put it another way, we now understand why Marc Spector created Steven Grant and why their universes have recently collided. The mysterious third personality remains unidentified, although “Jake” appears to be hiding in plain sight.

In contrast to WandaVision, the happenings of this episode (as well as the concluding minutes of the previous one) are a touch risky. There are three realities stacked on top of each other, and it’s difficult to tell which is which.


First, there’s the regular reality, in which Moon Knight is just one of many Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes. We’d been seeing the same universe for four episodes when Marc Spector was shot in the chest. The asylum is the second world, where Dr. Harrow, a psychiatrist, tries to make sense of Marc and Steven’s adventures in a more realistic context. Then there’s the third realm, where Marc and Steven are attempting to understand what happens after death. They’re in a mental institution, but it’s one with memories and a ship that will transport them to either divinity or damnation, depending on how things turn out.

Steven Grant, who are you?

Marc is shown to be the original personality, much to Steven’s chagrin. Marc and his younger brother Randall were big fans of Tomb Buster, a low-budget Indiana Jones copycat about a dashing archaeology adventurer named Dr. Steven Grant, when they were kids. The two brothers went exploring a cave one evening, against their parents’ severe demands that they come home if it began to rain. Marc disregarded the warnings and continued on their journey, only for the rain to turn into a storm and fill the cave. Randall did not make it, although Marc did.

Marc’s mother held him responsible for Randall’s death and, depending on her mood, spent years neglecting or abusing him. Marc developed an English accent and pretended to be a polite optimist as a coping method. When it came to his mother, Marc had the truth, but Steven had the lie that his mother loved him. Steven could now live a regular life without the trauma.

He spent decades without complete control of his body, so this isn’t quite normal.

Marc’s Loss of Control over Steven: How Did It Happen?

Marc served in the military, but living a double life didn’t work out in that scenario, so he was released. He became the Fist of Khonshu after becoming a mercenary. While everything was going on, Steven went about his business as a museum clerk, completely unaware of what was really going on and why days of his life had gone missing.

Marc received word that his mother had died months before the events of this drama began. Marc couldn’t bring himself to enter his own home, even though he was dressed for her shiva, and no matter how much his desperate father pleaded with him, he couldn’t bring himself to do so. Instead, Marc drank from a flask and walked away, before collapsing in tears and reverting to Steven.

Since the first episode, we’ve seen Steven conversing on the phone with his mother, but it’s only now that we realise she wasn’t only dead at the time, but the phone wasn’t even in call mode. Steven has always imagined similar discussions and even employs the “later, gator” farewell that his mother used to say to him when he was a kid.

Layla had been perplexed by Steven’s claim to be in communication with his mother in the second episode, which foreshadowed this entire event. Layla doesn’t appear to realise she’s dead, but she does think it’s strange that they’re chatting.

Marc claims that it was because of this breakdown that the barriers between him and Steven began to crumble. It’s because of this that the two have been able to communicate. That’s also why they can’t figure out who the third personality is.

Jake Lockley is missing.

Despite the fact that Jake isn’t referenced in all of the flashbacks, he appears in the episode in various ways. There are numerous views of yellow taxi cabs driving in the backdrop, for example. Because Lockley used to be a cab driver in the comics, this could be a subtle hint.

What’s more, we might have seen Jake in action here. As Dr. Harrow attempted to communicate with what appeared to be Marc, “Marc” became increasingly combative. Instead of fleeing, he prepared to assault Harrow with an improvised weapon. “Marc” was restrained and given a sedative injection in the neck as he began to resemble a rage-filled Robert De Niro.

Marc was perplexed when we saw him in Harrow’s office, wondering if he had been sedated. The marks on his face, in particular, had disappeared. Most likely, Harrow was dealing with Jake inadvertently in the first scene.